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Clear, simple and practical answers to your frequently asked carpet cleaning questions. Read more below.

One of our company's goals is to share reliable information with our customers. Our Frequently Asked Questions page contains a list of questions and answers about carpet cleaning, and everything related to the industry. Read all about it bellow!

Should I clean handmade rugs when I buy them?

It is required to proceed with rug cleaning before you place the new oriental rugs on the floor. It is important because they are probably dusty from the store and you don't know the conditions under which they were stored. Specialists of Carpet Cleaning Aliso Viejo would suggest good carpet cleaning but you must also clean well the floor and make sure that there are no plumbing problems, which may cause water damage.

Do handmade rugs go way back in time?

The first oriental rugs were made to warm up people and that's why many used to hang them on the wall. They go way back to the ancient civilizations and were also a way for peoples to depict their local histories and traditions. Later on, machine made rugs were created, so that people could warm up their homes without spending a fortune. Persian rugs of ancient times are still found in museums.

How can I keep a stain from spreading?

To prevent a stain from spreading, you have to prevent the staining liquid from spreading by absorbing it with a cloth or paper towel. Do not scrub or rub the towel. Simply dab it on the staining liquid. Do not apply a liquid cleaning agent. We recommend the use of a spot cleaning product or a dry cleaning solution.

Can cleaning solvents harm the carpet?

There are certain types of cleaning solvents that can cause negative effects on your carpet. These include colorfastness, or for some carpets, weakened stain resistance. To ensure that the cleaning solvent does not harm your carpet, it is suggested to perform a small spot check before using the solvent.

Can dirty carpets trigger allergies?

It depends on your allergies, but yes, dirty carpets can trigger allergies since dust is a very common allergen. Some carpets can accumulate so much dust that walking on them or slight brushes can throw specks of dust to the air and into your system. Vacuum regularly to avoid this.

Can I deal with carpet mold easily?

No, carpets infected by mold cannot be cleaned easily. There are several products on the market produced for such problems but mold removal is still hard. You will need the professional assistance of our experts for mold remediation and decontamination. Baking soda and white vinegar might remove the bad odor. If the damage has expanded, the contaminated carpet section must be cut and replaced.

Is merely vacuuming my rug or carpet enough?

No. When you're dealing with a carpet that can and generally will get soiled by both dry and wet stains, merely using your vacuum is never enough. You're going to miss the deep seated dirt that's embedded in the backing as well as the stain that has infused into the fibers. With this said, vacuuming is still very important in the upkeep of your rug and carpet. Do it regularly between annual or biannual professional cleanings.

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