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Protecting Rugs from Pets

03/28/2014 Back To Blog

Protecting Rugs from PetsWhen we consider the enemies of our carpets, our minds go directly to fire and water destruction and we nearly never suspect the members of our families. Actually, we are all guilty about the numerous stains on our beautiful rugs but vivid houses do have such problems since we cannot eliminate our activities, limit our movements and narrow down our habits. On the other hand, our fluffy dogs and cats are also members of our families but their mess may create serious problems to our health. We love them but we must also protect our wellbeing and our expensive oriental carpets from their mess and hair. We may turn the other way or raise a finger when our cat scratches her nails on the rugs or sofa but we cannot do the same when our health is compromised.

It is important to understand that pet urine will actually destroy our rugs since it will be soaked and expand releasing bad odors in the indoor atmosphere. It will actually penetrate the fibers reaching the sub floor making carpet washing hardly effective. The problem will get worse as pets would keep urinating at the same spots driven by their own smell and any contact of our skin with the contaminated areas would cause skin allergies, itching and infections while their hair will make us sneeze and cough.

How to shield your health and protect carpets

The vacuum cleaner won't collect all pet hair easily. It would be best to scrub the carpets with a mild detergent mixed with some water to bring the hair on the surface before you vacuum. Pet blot&smellextraction is really hard and you must be very persistent when you clean the polluted areas and repeat the cleaning procedures often depending on how messy is your pet. It is a good idea to sprinkle baking soda leaving it for several hours, perhaps overnight before you vacuum. In addition, you can clean the area with vinegar since its strong smell will keep the pets from urinating again and it would also be excellent for badsmell removal, too.

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