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Truths and Lies about Carpets

11/13/2013 Back To Blog

There is too much information about carpets read by millions of people but that doesn't mean that everything is true. Sometimes, people base their choice of a carpet on what the majority of people think but this is not a safe way to decorate your home because each house has its own peculiarities and characteristics. What is best for your neighbor is not necessarily the best for you, too!Truths and Lies about Carpets

Persian rugs are expensive and only a few can enjoy them

The truth is that Iranian carpets are more expensive but there are many different sizes and they differ on their thickness, time of preparation, exact point of origin and density. These variations would also make a difference in the price. People, who may travel in the east, may also have the chance to get excellent handmade rugs in better prices.

Red is a forbidden color for carpets

This is simply an exaggeration. The color red increases adrenaline and that's why it is not recommended in rooms where you need to relax. So, you may not place red carpets in your bedroom but you can place them in the activity room or see if it would look nice in the kitchen. After all, it will keep stains hidden and you won't have to engage in spot cleaning often.

Carpets need vacuuming daily

This is true only with carpets in the kids' rooms where the atmosphere must be completely clean for the virgin organism of children. Other than that, frequent vacuuming and carpet washing would make fibers suffer and won't let them regain their original shape and breathe. Exaggerations are bad for carpets.

Vinegar is the best for odor removal

This is true. Vinegar has the property to absorb bad smells and that's why it is recommended for effective bad smell removal. It would also intensify the colors and the carpets will be bright, shiny and beautiful.

Rugs become better over the years

This is true for Persian carpets and as long as you protect them with regular maintenance, quality green products and proper cleaning. These handmade rugs are considered important investments and their value will increase over the years.

Water can ruin the carpets

Clean water will not destroy the carpets, especially if the portion dropped was small. The secret is to dry the area with a cloth quickly. Water harm can come with excessive proportions of water, especially if they are not clean.

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